Guiding the Good Work

Advocating for the poor and oppressed; educating in the faith; serving the community; working together for a common good — these charisms form the guiding mission of Holy Cross.

Beginning with founder Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, CSC, the Congregation of Holy Cross has fulfilled its charisms to "bring about a better time" by constantly responding to the pressing needs of the church and society.

Get to Know a Brother

Campus Ministry staff member Brother Larry Atkinson, CSC, ’70 shares his experiences as both a Holy Cross Brother and a member of the St. Edward’s University community.

"When [Holy Cross] brothers went to Mexico or Bangladesh or South America, the only thing they could take with them was their relationship to God — but that is all they needed."

—Brother Jesus Alonso, CSC, '01

How Charisms Impact Students

While Father Moreau interpreted the idea of regeneration through the renewal of the Christian faith in post-revolutionary France, today the faculty, staff and Campus Ministry leadership at St. Edward's University look for a different kind of renewal:

  • Social Justice: a clear invitation for you to answer the call
  • Deepening Faith: giving witness to your core beliefs
  • Faith in Action: service that asks more of yourself and your talents
  • Community Building: how you share the experience matters as much as what you achieve

"Regeneration, in our time, means the formation of the whole person; respecting and dialoguing with peoples of goodwill, regardless of their faith tradition. Underlying our approach is a belief in divine providence. That is, with the belief that God is present in all things and events, and that Christ is within and among us."

—Father Peter Walsh, CSC, ​director of campus ministry